Four models of public relations examples
runig and Hunt (1984) developed four models of public relations that describe the field’s various management and organizational practices. These
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Five general characteristics of Protists
What are Protists? Protists are eukaryotes, which means their cells have a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles. Most, but not all, protists are single-celled. Other than these features,
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Why is troposphere the most important of all the layers of the atmosphere
According to NASA, troposphere is the layer we call home.Closest to the surface of Earth, we have the troposphere. “Tropos” means change. This layer
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Purposive Sampling Advantages and Disadvantages – Research Techniques
In a purposive sample, you sample from a population with a particular purpose in mind. This is in contrast to
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University of Pretoria (UP) 2019 Online Applications Now Open- Online Application Form
Applications for study at the University of Pretoria in 2019 are fully online. Application for admission to undergraduate study programmes for
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UJ Online Application for 2019
Are you ready to apply at the University of Johannesburg for 2019? If YES, please pay attention to the information
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How can you Apply for a Replacement Copy of your Damaged or Lost Matric Certificate
Find out how you can  Apply for a Replacement Copy of your Damaged or Lost Matric Certificate Apply for replacement
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Careers in Geography and Environmental Studies Field
There are many careers within Geography and Environmental Studies field to choose from. Students who pursued Geography and Environmental Studies
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South African School Holidays Calendar 2018 and 2019
In South Africa there are 12 public holidays which are determined by the Public Holidays Act (Act No 36 of 1994) .
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FirstRand Laurie Dippenaar Scholarship 2019
FirstRand offers the Laurie Dippenaar Scholarship, which is for students complete their postgraduate studies abroad in any country and any
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