Unicorn is a Christian English-medium school, committed to providing children with every opportunity to benefit from professional and caring teachers. Pupils are encouraged to think independently, to be considerate towards others and to be fair-minded in all things. The school develops each pupil.

Unicorn Preparatory School is an independent, Christian, English-medium day school. The school is a member of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa, ISASA and as such, is quality assured. We cater for boys and girls from Grade R to Grade 7. We have two classes per grade with a maximum of twenty five children per class. We currently have more than 350 pupils enrolled.

We offer a fully integrated, extended school day and actively encourage all children to participate in sport and cultural activities. Our fees are inclusive and participation in all spheres including Sport, Computers, Learner Support and Class Music are offered to children at Unicorn at no extra cost. Private tuition in specialist fields is also offered at appropriate rates.

As a learning community, much effort and time is invested in developing a multiple intelligence approach in the classroom and on the sports field, the core being to recognize the individual strengths of each child. In addition, we ensure mass participation in all spheres, whilst making provision for the specialist. We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced teachers, including Information Technology, Learner Support, Class Music and Design & Technology teachers, dedicated in assisting children to develop holistically in a nurturing environment.

In its legal capacity, Unicorn Preparatory School is a Section 21 Non-Profit Company. The school is governed by a Board of Governors, which comprises members elected from the parent body and co-opted members selected from the community on an annual basis, in accordance with its Constitution.

OUR SCHOOL DAY – School Hours

School hours are from 07:25 to 12:30 in Grade R and 07:25 to 15:30 in Grade 1 to 7

In Grade R, the school day has sport and activities built into the daily routine.  The Grade R’s can be picked up between 12:30 to 13:20.

In Grade 1, 2 & 3, an extra-curricular session is offered from 13:45-14:30 which is followed by a 15 minute break. This extra-curricular hour will include introductory sport skills such as bulletjie rugby, tennis, hockey, cricket, and swimming; dependent on which particular sporting season it is.  Cultural activities such as Chess and Drama are offered on one day a week.  At 14:45-15:30 (45 minutes) a structured homework/reinforcement programme is offered.  Extra activities, like junior cricket, ballet and individual music, are offered privately on our premises at an extra cost to parents who can arrange suitable time  slots, etc, with the relevant coach or instructor, should they desire.  None of these activities past 13:30 are compulsory however, in the interests of a holistic education we encourage pupils to attend.

From Grade 4 to 7 a lunch period from 13:20 to 13:45 is scheduled, after which a sport period completes the extended school day. Matches and away fixtures often carry on later into the afternoon and occasionally on weekends. This provides a full and varied programme for our children and has proved to be popular with pupils and parents alike.


Aftercare is not offered at Unicorn Preparatory.

Our extended school day provides a full and varied programme for our children and is popular with children and parents alike.Our privately run tuck shop is open during school hours and encourages children to make healthy lifestyle choices. Lunch is provided for a nominal fee and may be ordered in advance or bought on the day.

Unicorn Preparatory School Application

Unicorn Preparatory School – Open Day on Friday, 15 June 2018  All interested new parents may attend – please book on with Mrs Pieters or Mrs Hayes on 0153072840 or secretary@unicornschool.co.za or admin@unicornschool.co.za

Applications for 2019 open at the start of the academic year on Monday, 15 January 2018 and close on Friday, 24 August 2018. Provisional applications may also be made 5 years in advance.

Please call our school office if you require further information about enrolling your child or children at Unicorn Preparatory School. We can be reached on 015 307 2840 or admin@unicornschool.co.za

Applications should be made well in advance as available seats are quickly filled.
Academic screening for each new academic year takes place between August and November.


Our Address:

Unicorn Preparatory School, Circle Drive, Tzaneen


-23.8405531, 30.15532189999999



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