Advanced Photography Course offered by DPC

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Advanced Photography Course offered by DPC: After shooting for a while, many photographers feel their growth plateaus. If you want to progress in your work, stop stagnating and take a massive leap forward by considering the advanced course. We will help you understand how to use your camera to better tell your intended story by exploring more complex camera techniques and applying new thinking to your photographic processes.

Advanced Photography Course offered by DPC
Advanced Photography Course offered by DPC

Course details

  • Focus beyond the basics and delve into advanced technical aspects, such as advanced camera settings and lens techniques. Enhance your photographic knowledge and mastery of subjects such as visual language, advanced composition and lighting.
  • Utilise digital workflow processes to ensure maximum accuracy and output quality.
  • The course is outcome-based; you will have class lectures as well as practical assignments with feedback to implement theories learnt in class.

Presented by

The Advanced Photography Course is presented by fine-art and macro photographer John Fox. He is one of the most detailed and technically apt photographers in South Africa. John’s drive to uplift the standard and appreciation of photography as a credible art form in South Africa has led him to lecture on the subject. He works with DPC to develop and present course material on some of the more specialist subject matter. 

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