Afrikaans HL FAL Grade 4 ATP 2024 PDF Download

Explore the comprehensive resource page dedicated to Afrikaans Home Language First Additional Language (HL FAL) Grade 4 Revised Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for the year 2024. Designed for the Intermediate Phase, this invaluable guide equips educators with the tools they need to deliver a robust Afrikaans HL FAL curriculum to Grade 4 learners. The ATP encompasses four terms—Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and Term 4—providing a structured framework for the teaching of Afrikaans, a language rich in cultural and linguistic significance in South Africa.


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The Afrikaans HL FAL Grade 4 ATP is not just a teaching plan; it is a comprehensive Teacher Guide equipped with a full-year assessment guide, School-Based Assessments (SBA), Project Tasks, and Practical Assessment Tasks for each term. This guide empowers educators to assess students effectively and focuses on key Afrikaans HL FAL Grade 4 topics. It acts as a valuable tool for teachers, aiding in the preparation of students not only for mid-year assessments but also for their final matric examinations. By using this ATP, educators can cultivate a deep appreciation of the Afrikaans language and culture among their students.

Key Highlights: Afrikaans HL FAL Grade 4 ATP 2024 pdf

  1. Comprehensive Curriculum: A holistic Afrikaans HL FAL Grade 4 curriculum spanning all four terms.
  2. Assessment Expertise: Detailed assessment strategies, including SBAs, Project, and Practical Assessment Tasks.
  3. Cultural Significance: Emphasis on culturally and linguistically significant Afrikaans topics.
  4. Examination Readiness: Equips teachers to prepare students thoroughly for mid-year and final matric exams.
  5. Cultural Enrichment: Promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Afrikaans language and culture.


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