All Oxbridge Academy Teaching Courses: At Oxbridge Academy, you have the opportunity to study various childcare courses that focus on giving you the skills you need to work as a nanny, childminder, playschool teacher or au pair.

All Oxbridge Academy Teaching Courses
All Oxbridge Academy Teaching Courses

List of Teaching Courses offered at Oxbridge Academy:

Childcare / AUPair Course

This is a great starter course in childcare that will teach you many of the skills you need to work as an au pair. Amongst other things, you will learn about baby and child care techniques, childhood development, child nutrition, and health and safety for children.

Educare National Certificate

This course introduces you to some of the basic skills that you need to work in early childhood education, and prepares you for further studies in this field.

Why study childcare teaching course at Oxbridge Academy

  • You can start studying at any time of the year.
  • You can improve your childcare skills in your own time from home.
  • You can gain many of the skills you need to work as an au pair or childcare worker.
  • You can get help from a tutor via telephone or email within 48 working hours if you get stuck with your coursework.
  • You can decide whether you want to pay your course fees upfront or in affordable monthly instalments.

As a childcare worker, you will not only be responsible for looking after children, but you will also be responsible for facilitating their development. While each child is unique, and will develop at his or her own pace, there are certain developmental milestones that you can use to gauge whether a child is developing normally.

Studying childhood development helps you to identify problems

By studying childhood development, you can learn about the various developmental milestones, as well as how to recognise when a child is not meeting the milestones within the normal timeframes. When you notice that a child is not meeting his or her developmental milestones, you can notify the child’s parents, who can then seek intervention to address the problem. Early intervention often increases the likelihood that the problem will be resolved effectively, and that the child will be able to reach his or her full potential.

Studying childhood development helps you to communicate with children

A good understanding of childhood development will also help you to learn how to interact with a child on his or her level. If you are aware of the various stages of growth, and how they affect a child’s behaviour, you will be better able to respond appropriately to tricky situations, such as when a child refuses to eat or throws a tantrum in public.

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