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2020 Online Applications at University of Mpumalanga (UMP) Admission

2020 Online Applications at University of Mpumalanga (UMP) Admission

The University of Mpumalanga, as a comprehensive University, understands that its academic project must combine both the creation and transfer of knowledge and skills, and the development of students as independent and critical thinkers with a passion for knowledge and its application.

Our teaching is theoretically informed, pedagogically appropriate, and sensitive to diversity in all its forms in the educational environment. Our teaching will emphasize the interconnectedness of teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and engagement. The development of our qualifications and curricula will be context sensitive. Our curricula and extra curricula activities will expose students to different ways of knowing and to the value of Indigenous Knowledge Systems.

Our academic staff is reflective and reflexive practitioners who use information communication technologies to improve learning, which will occur in a diverse range of formal and informal settings. Development programmes for academic staff and student support programmes will support a broadening of access, with increased levels of student success.

2020 UMP Prospectus Download

Download the 2020 Prospectus here

2020 Applications Dates Deadlines for University of Mpumalanga

Applications for 2020 studies Open on the following dates: April 2019

Application closing dates: end of September 2019


Online Applications

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Requirements for 2020 Applications at University of Mpumalanga

You are entering a professional world, get an Email Address

As a prospective student who want to apply at a university you need to have a working email address. If you don’t have an existing email address you can get one from the following emails providers:

Know your APS Score

You need to know you APS score before applying. Each course requires a different APS score.

The percentages marks of subjects achieved in National Senior Certificate examinations (preliminary and final examinations) will be allocated an admission score equal to that percentage.

Generally, the sum of 6 subjects, excluding Life Orientation, but including English and any required subject(s) for the relevant programme, is considered when deciding on admission. For example, for a given programme where Maths and Physical Sciences are required, we will take scores for English, Maths, Physical Sciences and the next best 3 subjects other than Life Orientation to compute the NSC score towards the APS.

In most universities, results below 40% for any subject do not attract a score.

Certify your Documents

All students who are applying, will be required to send a certified copy of their Identification Document (or Passports for international students).

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