APS Score Requirements to Study for Diploma in Informatics at TUT

Find the APS Score and Requirements for Diploma in Informatics course at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) for 2023 – 2024. This information is helpful for students that want to apply for Diploma in Informatics at TUT after passing their matric (Grade 12). Diploma in Informatics fall under the Faculty of Information an Communication.


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Grade 12 Requirements to Study Diploma in Informatics at TUT

Alright, let’s simplify and explain the APS Score requirements for the Diploma in Informatics at TUT, making it easier to understand:

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Diploma in Informatics at TUT: Easy Guide to APS Score Requirements

  1. Basic Course Info:
    • Degree: Diploma in Informatics
    • Level: NQF Level 6 (360 credits)
    • Campus: Soshanguve South Campus
    • Duration: 3 years
    • Class Schedule: Day classes, including Saturdays
  2. General Admission Process:
    • Applications are ranked based on scores and criteria.
    • The top applicants are selected as per the Department’s plan.
    • Once the program is full, a waiting list is created.
    • Check your application status on TUT’s website or expect an official letter.
  3. Other Important Info:
    • Personal Equipment: Need access to a laptop or desktop computer for assignments and multimodal learning.
    • Intake: Only in January.
    • Work-Integrated Learning: Check Chapter 5 of Studentsโ€™ Rules and Regulations.

This guide should help you understand the APS score requirements for the Diploma in Informatics at TUT. Remember, achieving the minimum APS score is important, but it doesn’t guarantee admission due to the competitive nature of the application process. Good luck!

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APS Score Required to Study for a Diploma in Informatics at TUT

To be considered for this qualification, applicants must have an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 26 (with Mathematics or Technical Mathematics) or 28 (with Mathematical Literacy). Applicants with a score of 23 (with Mathematics or Technical Mathematics) or 25 (with Mathematical Litera- cy) will be considered for the extended programme. Life Orientation is exclud- ed for APS calculation. Candidates who successfully completed the National Diploma in: Information Technology (Extended) might also be considered.

APS Requirements for Different Certificates:

  • Senior Certificate (Before 2008):
    • Need E in Higher Grade or D in Standard Grade for English and Maths.
    • Score 9 or more points using the Swedish formula (based on your grades).
    • You might be invited for an interview or a test.
  • National Senior Certificate (2008 or After):
  • National Certificate (Vocational) at NQF Level 4:
    • Need at least 50% in English, 60% in Maths or 80% in Mathematical Literacy.
    • APS: At least 26 (with Maths) or 28 (with Mathematical Literacy). For the extended program, APS of 23 (with Maths) or 25 (with Mathematical Literacy).
  • National N Certificate (NATED 191: N3 Level 4):
    • Need at least 60% in Mathematics N3.
    • For the extended program, need at least 50%.

Career Opportunities After Studies

There are great careers waiting for you after graduating from your Diploma in Informatics studies at TUT. Below is the list of some of the careers that you can start pursuing after your studies:

Business analyst, user acceptance tester, systems trainer, systems tester, support specialist, eCommerce developer, enterprise systems manager, information resource manager, database administrator, project manager, technology consultant, business analyst, systems analyst.

How to apply

In order to enroll for your studies at TUT, Click Here

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