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Archeology Course in South Africa and Universities that offer it

Archeology Course in South Africa and Universities that offer it

Archeology Course in South Africa and Universities that offer it

Are you dreaming of becoming a great Archaelogist in the world?  To execute your dreams of becoming an Archaelogist you need to find the best course from a reputable institution. Archaeology degrees typically take three or four years to complete, and may be offered as either Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees. The former is likely to have more of a humanities focus, while the BSc is of course more science-orientated, giving you an overview of scientific techniques and making use of the university’s laboratory facilities.

Best Archeology Courses from South African Universities

1. WITS University

Archaeology Degree from Wits University

Wits Archaeology course is a rich and dynamic course covering the origins of humans, the evolution of technology from the Stone Age to the present and rock art.

The South African archaeological record covers a period of over two million years, from the first toolmakers to the events of the recent past.  Courses include an introduction to archaeology, a guide to human evolution, food production and the rise of civilisations, archaeological field techniques and Southern African rock art.

View course requirements and apply here

2. University of Pretoria (UP)

Archaeology Degree from University of Pretoria (UP)

Our archaeology course offering present the student with a rich understanding of how archaeologists study and understand the human past, both locally and globally. Most of our research focus is on the archaeology of societies that lived in southern Africa within the last 2 000 years. Inside this period, we are specifically interested in the development of social complexity (how is political authority manifested, expanded and maintained), in interaction (how did societies interact, how was interactions controlled, manipulated and used, what were the consequences of interaction) and the management of our rich heritage.

The ultimate aim of the Archaeology at the University of Pretoria is a deeper understanding of the South African past and our present relationship to it – seeking to understand how processes of the past can enrich our experiences in the modern world.

View course requirements and apply


Anthropology and Archaeology Degree from Unisa

Anthropology and Archaeology are disciplines that are interested in studying people and all aspects of their lives. Anthropology studies living societies and Archaeology studies those in the past. If you want to know how humans evolved and how people lived in the past: what they ate, what they wore and what their environment was like, you ask an archaeologist. Archaeologists use the material remains of the past: tools, architectural remains, plant and animal remains, pollen, shells and other evidence that they dig up in excavations to try and understand the people who lived in the past. Objects of study include all material culture from the stone tools discarded 3 million years ago in East Africa to the cooldrink tin that you threw away yesterday.

View course requirements and apply

Available Archaeology Jobs in south africa

What can you become after graduating with an Archaeology degree? Below are some of the careers you might consider:

  • Researcher
  • Environmental and Cultural Heritage Management
  • Museum Curator, Museum Development, Site Development
  • Conversation
  • Heritage Assessors
  • Contract Archaeology
  • Tourism & Media Specialist

What high school subjects are needed to become an archaeologist in South Africa

Each University will have its own set of subjects requirements for high school students to qualify for Archaelogy course.

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