BA in Graphic Design Degree offered at Vega School

For the born visual narrator and those who live and breathe the art of telling stories through both traditional and digital imagery, the IIE BA in Graphic Design offers a rich, rewarding fusion of art direction and visual design. If you see the world as an infinite tapestry of textures and moods that can only be captured in terms of shades, grades, tones and typography then you and this degree were made for each other.

The IIE BA in Graphic Design covers a broad spectrum of essential and advanced skills in a uniquely designed and highly stimulating degree format. All elements of visual literacy are robustly engaged with while the core crafting skills such as photography; art direction; film & video; identity design; web design; typography; layout design; drawing and illustration; packaging and other forms of structural and tangible design are tackled in exciting and engaging fashion. Ultimately, students learn to develop their own distinct creative voices and develop the skillsets required of cutting-edge visual communicators by the contemporary brand communications industry.

The aim of the programme is to develop flexible, well-rounded and creatively differentiated individuals capable of working within this rapidly evolving discipline. Students learn how to employ strategic and creative thinking to develop and visualise innovative concepts for various outputs, styles and client requirements with each student is guided in the individual development of a professional design portfolio at the end of their final year. Vega’s unique fusion of critical thinking; complex problem-solving; creativity, branding and marketing sets our students apart as strategic and entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders in industry.

From a technical perspective, students are formally trained in the most up-to-date software to become astute in the cutting-edge applications and technologies used in industry. They master design for print as well as design for new media and have access to fully-equipped digital studios. As part of the experiential component of the qualification, students work in multidisciplinary teams engaging in real-world brand activations and brand challenges. Action learning is rounded off with the option of an Industry Immersion. programme with companies, agencies or consultancies of choice.

Year 1
  • Brand and Marketing 1A & 1B
  • Design Culture 1A & 1B
  • Graphic Design 1A & 1B
  • Graphic Design Technology 1A & 1B
  • Ideation and Visualisation 1A & 1B
  • Illustration 1
  • Photography 1
Year 2
  • Brand and Marketing 2A & 2B
  • Design Culture 2A & 2B
  • Ideation and Visualisation 2A & 2B
  • Graphic Design 2A & 2B
  • Graphic Design Technology 2A & 2B
  • Illustration 2
  • Photography 2
  • Brand Activation
Year 3
  • Brand and Marketing 3A:Strategy
  • Introduction to Research
  • Design Culture 3
  • Graphic Design 3A & 3B
  • Graphic Design Technology 3A & 3B
  • Illustration 3
  • Photography 3
  • Brand Challenge

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