Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies Unisa APS Score Requirements

Are you intrigued by how policies shape the future of a nation? Curious about what it takes to study Policy Studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA)? Want to know the Academic Point Score (APS) requirements and the plethora of career opportunities waiting for you post-graduation? This comprehensive article has got you covered.


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Here are some highlights:

  • Understand the exact APS Score requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies at UNISA.
  • Know the general entry requirements.
  • Explore diverse career opportunities in South Africa after completing the course.
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Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies Unisa APS Score Requirements

The APS Score requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies at UNISA is 20. This qualification has a code of 99303, is at an NQF level 7, and offers 360 total credits. The SAQA ID for this qualification is 101236. Students are allowed a maximum time of eight years to complete this qualification. For more information and for applying, you can visit UNISA’s application page for this course.

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General Entry Requirements

In order to gain admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies at UNISA, applicants need to hold a National Senior Certificate (NSC) (Degree endorsement) with at least 50% in the language of teaching and learning. Alternatively, a Senior Certificate (SC) with matriculation exemption or qualification for exemption from the Matriculation Board is also accepted, provided the applicant has at least a D symbol on HG or a C symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning. If you don’t meet these requirements, consider applying for a lower-level qualification for which you meet the criteria.

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What Jobs can I do after completing “Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies” at Unisa?

Completing a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies can open up an array of career opportunities, particularly in South Africa:

  1. Policy Analyst: Research and evaluate various public policies, providing insights for better decision-making.
  2. Public Relations Specialist: Utilise your understanding of policy to manage the public image of organisations.
  3. Legislative Assistant: Assist lawmakers by researching and preparing policy drafts.
  4. Public Affairs Consultant: Work with businesses to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.
  5. Urban and Regional Planner: Use your knowledge to help design community-friendly policies.
  6. Researcher: Focus on academic or applied research to contribute to the policy-making process.
  7. Nonprofit Sector Jobs: Work on policy issues in a non-profit organisation focused on social justice, education, or healthcare.
  8. Journalist: Cover policy changes and their implications for various media outlets.


Opting for a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies at UNISA not only provides you with an in-depth understanding of policy creation and implementation but also presents a wide array of career options. From becoming a Policy Analyst to venturing into journalism, the sky’s the limit when it comes to job opportunities in this field.

Given South Africa’s dynamic political landscape and diverse socio-economic challenges, there is an ever-growing need for professionals in this area. Being equipped with a degree in Policy Studies from UNISA could make you a much-sought-after professional in the market. So if you’re considering taking a step into this fascinating field, UNISA’s comprehensive course could be your perfect starting point.

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