Can you study Medicine part-time in South Africa and How?

Can you study Medicine part-time in South Africa and How

Can you study Medicine part time in South Africa and How? Well it is possible to start pursuing your Medical Career Part-time. However, it is not practically possible to complete your medical degree from start to finish while studying part-time. Why? Because Medicine career path involves a decent number of practicals that you have to attend in person.

Options to Study Medicine Part-time?

Wits now offers a part-time option for the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP)  candidates from the Faculty of Health Sciences to assist with increasing the number of medical graduates.

The Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) allows entry of suitably qualified candidates who meet certain minimum requirements into the third year of the MBBCh degree. This provides candidates with the opportunity to complete their undergraduate medical studies in a period of only four years after which they enter their internship and government mandated community service period.

How to apply

Click here to apply

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