law-courses-south-africaOn this page you will find different types of Law Courses in South Africa with relevant studies requirements. Courses levels include Short Courses, Certificates, Diploma, Degree, Honours, to Masters.

A career in Law in South Africa

It is good to note that South African  legal industry is on par with other best performing countries internationally.  Although there are many qualification types to choose from, an  LLB degree at a recognized institution in South Africa remains one of the most popular choices of law degrees for law students.

What personality characteristics should a lawyer have

Personal characteristics Before attention is given to the academic requirements for a career in law, it is necessary to mention the personal characteristics the prospective lawyer should have in order to succeed in a legal career. Apart from general characteristics like ambition, dedication and a disciplined approach, the lawyer-to-be also needs to possess special characteristics like being impeccably honest, decisive, objective in a matter, confident, and able to solve problems. The prospective lawyer must also be able to handle stress and pressure, to resolve any crisis and elicit the utmost trust and respect from his clients and colleagues. It follows that, because of his constant interaction with people, a lawyer must have exceptional communication skills and be able to explain difficult legal concepts in easy terms. However, the most important characteristic of any prospective lawyer is a welldeveloped sense of fairness and justice and the willingness to serve people.

Law Courses in South Africa

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