Logistics Careers Overview

People with logistics careers are known as "Logisticians. They're the materials and supplies people who acquire, distribute and deliver the supplies that a company needs. Almost every industry has logistics jobs, including business offices, manufacturing and professional and scientific services. Shipping companies are logistics specialists who work with companies in other industries to help them deliver and distribute products and supplies. It's a fast-paced job that can carry a lot of stress, especially when deliveries are late or product is unavailable.

Logistics Education

Logistics careers don't require a master's but you will need at least a Diploma or a Degree.

Logistics Job Market

Careers in logistics are expected to grow faster than normal over the next 10 years. The move of individual markets shifting to a global economy is the reason the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives for the projected 22 percent increase in logistics jobs by 2022. That's good news for those with the education and experience to qualify them for a job in logistics, but the current market is still fairly large with 125,900 logistics jobs reported in 2012.

Logistics Courses in South Africa

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