What is the average starting salary for a Fashion Designer

A Fashion Designer earns an average salary of R141,773 per year. Experience strongly influences income for this job. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Adobe Photoshop, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Adobe Illustrator. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this field. src: www.payscale.com

Do you have to go to school to become a fashion designer?

Many fashion designers receive their training through a fashion design program at a college or university. Some attend schools dedicated to the study of fashion design, while others choose programs based in traditional colleges. Fashion design degrees are available at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels. Some schools even offer MBA programs that focus […]

North West School Of Design

North West School Of Design is an International Fashion College for a Licentiateship in Fashion. North West School of Design is now a delegated authority, approved by City & Guilds of London to register, assess and recommend candidates for the City & Guilds Licentiateship which is run as part of the City & Guilds Professional Recognition Awards suite. […]

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Uberglam Fashion Design School

Were you the little one cutting up your mother’s curtains and drawing on her walls when inspiration struck?  Fashion design, patternmaking and sewing sound like crafts that need advanced skills, but the ÜberGlam School of Fashion brings the artist out in any aspiring designer. Whether you are dreaming of being SA’s next top designer, simply looking for a […]

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Design Academy Of Fashion

Based in Woodstock, the Creative Hub of Cape Town, the Design Academy of Fashion is set up in an open studio layout, where the students’ workspace lends itself to an inviting, interactive and inspiring environment. DAF facilities accommodate the students learning in all areas, practical, technological and academic, with an extensive library stocked with fashion […]

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Inscape Education Group

 Inscape believes in offering value driven products to ensure the diverse growth of the creative sector and industry at large.We have an established institutional culture that is unique to Inscape and its students. Our culture is built on a value system that encourages quality, authenticity and relationships. We strive for this to be reflective in […]

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FEDISA – Cape Town Fashion College‎

Few people today realise that FEDISA is the only tertiary institution in the Western Cape of South Africa that offers the fully registered and accredited BA: Fashion and a BA Honours: Fashion Degrees. The story of FEDISA is as fascinating as the institution’s graduates are successful. What started out as a revolutionary vision for fashion […]

Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy

Unique and revolutionary in its approach, dedicated to educating graduates with the confidence and conviction required to lead in the fashion industry. Extensive training with attention to detail and refinement offers our students multiple and diverse job opportunities within the realm of the fashion world. Not only creatively but also intellectually. This distinguished experience is […]

All about Fashion Design – Schools, Courses and Careers

Are you looking for online Fashion Design courses in South Africa? This is where you can find Fashion Design courses in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town areas from well known Fashion Design Schools.  

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