City Changers InstituteThe City Changers Institute (CCI) was established as part of the Doxa Deo family in the year 2009.  The institute focuses on the need for training and developing City Changers on a formal level.  But what is a City Changer?  City Changers are people who live with passion and purpose, who are fully alive in Christ, and who live to see their cities being transformed into places where God reigns!  City Changers, as the name suggests, change our cities!

CCI Vision:

Equipping City Changers through Christ-centred Higher Education

CCI Mission:

By establishing the Doxa Deo dream of city transformation, the City Changers Institute will:

  • Equip – The holistic processes of education, training and development for individuals through various mechanisms and methodologies.

  • City Changers – People of influence who know God, love people and impact their world.

  • Christ-centred – Discovering the centrality of Christ as it finds expression within all of reality.

  • Higher Education – A three-fold focus on academic, vocational and professional initiatives, in partnership with other like-minded organizations.

  • Transformed Cities – Geographical spaces where eight spheres of society – i.e. (a) church, (b) education, (c) business, (d) social society, (e) media, (f) government, (g) arts, and (h) sport are being transformed by City Changers.

A City Changer is:

(a) Someone who lives with passion and purpose,

(b) Someone fully alive in Christ, and

(c) Someone who lives to see our cities changed to places where God reigns!