Concept Interactive


Concept Interactive Institute delivers a unique experience to every student that enters through its doors. We focus on courses that have been designed for the workplace – both here in South Africa and the UK. We partner with New Recruit, a specialised placements company devoted to placing our graduates into employment and who are instrumental in co-creating relevant curricula that is relevant in today’s working world.

The institute is registered as a place of Higher Learning with the Department of Higher Education and Training (Registration Certificate no. 2009/HE07/003, and accredited by the Council on Higher Education).

Our business and technology departments deliver face to face full time and part time courses that are uniquely developed to cover specific business and technology skilled areas that we believe offer job opportunities both locally and internationally.

Our design department is regarded as Cape Town’s most focussed for web design and development and is proud to be one of a few digital and design institutions in South Africa that has its course fully registered by the Council on Higher Education.

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