Advanced Diploma in Education at NWU (North West University)

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Advanced Diploma in Education at NWU (North West University)


About this course

 Apply for Advanced Diploma in Education at NWU (North West University)

Programme & Curriculum code: C01

  • The ADE is on NQF 7
  •  Students can articulate to a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDip) on NQF 8.

The ADE addresses the needs of three types of teachers. 

  • Retraining, teachers who want to specialise in a new teaching subject.
  • Upgrading, teachers with a professional qualification, who did not specialise in the phase but have experience teaching in the phase.
  • Upgrading, teachers who want to strengthen their field of specialisation subject and/or phase

Admission requirements

  • A four year Bachelor of Ed degree / general first diploma or degree + a Postgraduate Certificate in education or a former Higher Dip in education (Postgraduate).
  • A former ACE or a Further Dip in Ed which follows a former professional teaching qualification or a former 4 year Higher Dip in Ed.
  • A new AC (level 6 on the current NQF level 10) which followed a former Dip in Ed (including a NPDE) may also be presented for admission.

Currently only an ADE in Special Needs Education / Learner Support has been developed.
Method of delivery

The North-West University provides each student with the opportunity to attend contact sessions at specific NWU venues countrywide. Lecturers are available for students for extra support. Additional student support is provided by means of Learner Management system:

What is a Learner Management system

A Learner Management system supports communication between lecturers and students and creates a collaboration environment for students and researchers. Academic information such as subject content, discussion forums, important dates, additional resources and supplementary instruction are clearly advised on e-Fundi.
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