Bachelor of Arts in Sound Production Course at SAE

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Bachelor of Arts in Sound Production Course at SAE


About this course

Bachelor of Arts in Sound Production Course at SAE


This curriculum addresses the art, science and technology of sound production across a wide range of applications, from music recording to live concert sound and sound production for Film and Television. Each sub-discipline of sound production is covered in detail, in order to ensure all graduates have the superior theoretical and practical skills necessary to work in the broad scope of the international entertainment and music industries.


In addition to the focus on the vital knowledge and skills required from a sound engineer / producer, students are constantly exposed to the pertinent qualities and values expected of an individual in the industry with relation to professional practice, ethics and credibility, with a view to produce graduates who can operate effectively as well rounded audio professionals and make a meaningful contribution to the industry and society.

What will you learn from the Sound Production Course

  • Analogue and Digital Theories and Workflows
  • Multi-Track Recording
  • Microphone Theory and Techniques
  • Signal Processing and Effects
  • Mixing & Mastering Techniques
  • Signal Flow
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Music Styles, History & Music Theory
  • Acoustics
  • Music Production Techniques
  • Live Sound Reinforcement
  • Business, Industry, Legal and Marketing Studies
  • Sound for Film and TV

What will you become after completed the Course

  • Studio Sound Engineer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Studio Assistant
  • Production Assistant
  • Audio Post Production Engineer
  • Composer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Music and Dialogue Editor
  • Location Recordist