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BAS Architectural Studies Course – Wits


About this course

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Architecture is the art, science and business of building. The Bachelor of Architectural Studies focuses on aesthetic, theoretical and practical concerns in the built environment. It involves social, cultural, developmental, contextual, environmental, technical, and financial issues.

Programme overview

Architecture is part of the social and cultural heritage we leave for future generations. An architect is responsible for the design of buildings and their environment. Through the design of spaces, structures, materials and their organisation, an architect makes places that enhance human lives and experiences, an architect makes places for human beings to use, enjoy and which extends their perception of the world.

The Bachelor of Architectural Studies, BAS, is a 3 year degree. The curriculum extends over three years. Acceptance into the course is subject to a competitive selection process for applicants who meet the required minimum standards, as a limited number of students can be accepted each year.

Architectural Design and Theory forms the main component of the degree together with Theory and Practice of Construction and Histories and Theories of Architecture. These courses are presented through lectures and seminars, but the core learning takes place in the studios, around which all activities revolve. Much time is spent here doing projects under guidance of staff members. In this degree, all subjects inform and are integrated into Architectural Design and Theory and many projects run across the courses.

Practicing architects and international guests visit the School and participate both in seminars and juries during which students’ work is critically examined.

After completing the BAS programme, a student is required to spend a year away from University working for 12 months in an architectural practice.

In terms of the new legislation, the award of a BAS qualifies the student for registration with the South African Council for the Architectural Professions as an Architectural Technologist.

Becoming an Architect

To become an architect students need to complete postgraduate level programmes. The BAS(Hons) qualification extends over one year of full-time study, followed by the the Master of Architecture (Professional), which extends over a year of full-time study.

The Master of Architecture (Professional) qualifies the graduate for registration as a Candidate Professional Architect. After two years of work in the offices of a registered architect the Candidate Professional Architect may qualify for registration as an architect.

Architectural Studies Career Opportunities

  • Architect
  • Urban planner/studies
  • Researcher
  • Architectural technologist
  • Landscape designer
  • Lecturer
  • Interior designer
  • Draughtsperson

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