BCom Honours Human Resource Management at UJ

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BCom Honours Human Resource Management at UJ


About this course

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Asset Management in a highly competitive industry of asset management and mutual funds, and where hundreds of firms compete daily to serve investors, those who perform well for shareholders gain assets – and profits.
It is therefore highly relevant that HR managers and practitioners devote all their time and energy to make sure the job is done correctly, because it is about serving, adding value and processing – all this by the most important asset of any business, its people. It underlines the significant personal and professional stake HR managers and practitioners have in the business’s success or failure.
Human Resources Practitioners are currently expected to act as business leaders who turn organisational goals into practice and who facilitate change in organisations. This could be achieved by enhancing the intangibles like talent, a shared mindset and a culture of learning and employee commitment. An additional management qualification will give you access to a number of diagnostic skills to assist the organisation in this regard, since managers all over the world are in a desperate struggle for talented workers.  Many are responding with an all-out effort to recruit and attract the right candidates.  However, they can more easily compete in this tough job market by concentrating on retaining the good workers they already have.
So, if you really would like to invest in yourself and a career focused on managing people processes for optimal organisational performance, then you have to consider to further your education and to enrol for the BA/BCom Honours degree we offer.
The programme design and content ensure a combination of theoretical depth and advanced practical application, as well as honing specific performance enhancement skills.
The first study year covers the field of HR and strategic human resource management in addition to a research project.
First year (all students)
•             Human Resource Management: The Field
•             Strategic Human Resource Management and Change
•             Research Project
Second year (all students)
•             Performance Management
•             Organisational Leadership
•             Leadership Development
•             Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
Students can select two additional modules as part of an area of specialisation in their second year of study. Three areas of specialisation are available:
Human Resource Management
•             Talent Management
•             Diversity Management
Human Resource Development
•             Design and Development
•             Learning and Development
Employment Relations
•             Labour Law
•             Employment Relations Management
What are the admission requirements?
To gain entry into any of the three honours degree courses:

  • A potential student should be in possession of a BA or BCom qualification (on NQF Level 6 or HEQSF Level 7) with Industrial Psychology or Human Resource Management as major modules (on NQF Level 6 or HEQSF Level 7).  A module in analytical techniques or statistical methods (on NQF Level 6 or HEQSF Level 7) is strongly recommended.
  • Access to the Internet and Computer literacy is compulsory.
  • An average of 65% will allow a potential student to apply for the honours course.
  • Since only a limited number of students can be accommodated annually, applicants will be subjected to a selection process.

The qualification is presented (part-time) over a two-year period.
How will you be trained?
The use of technology (for example the Internet, email, Edulink, etc.) is a critical component of the tuition model and is employed to deliver study material, self-assessment measures and opportunities for interactive discussions.
Please note: Access to the Internet, or opportunities to gain access to the Internet, are prerequisites for enrolment in the qualification.
What is the language of tuition?
Classes and study material are presented in English but students are welcome to participate in both English and Afrikaans.
How will you be assessed?
Formal examinations are set for each module, which are written on completion of the respective modules, generally twice a year (during June and November).
The final pass mark is comprised of 50% of the semester mark and 50% of the examination mark. A sub-minimum of 40% must be obtained during the examination, and a final pass mark of 50% is required.
Application details
The closing date for applications for any of the honours degrees is 30 September.  After selection you will be informed of the registration procedure.
All applications must include the following:
• Application is done online
• Certified copy of ID document
• Certified copy of relevant qualification(s) and degree certificate(s)
• Certified copy of full academic record (including “conduct” statement)
• Certified copy of marriage certificate (if applicable)
• Certified copy of SAQA evaluation in the case of a foreign qualification
• Application fee for first-time applications
• Appropriate bursary/sponsor letter if sponsored by employer
International Students
Please note that international students must first contact the International Office (Tel: 011 559 4517) or send an email to before submitting an application. The general deadline for international applicants is 12:00 on the last Friday of August of each year.
Application closing date
Before 30 September of each year
Who can be contacted?
Nelandrie Moodley
Tel: 011 559 2159
Email: nmoodley