BCom Investment Management at UP – Course

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BCom Investment Management at UP – Course


About this course

Apply for a BCom Investment Management at University of Pretoria – Course

BCom Investment Management

The purpose of this degree programme is to expose students, specialising in Investment management, to the theoretical principles and practical application of investment decision-making at a high level. A multidisciplinary approach is followed and financial, economic and statistical principles are incorporated with the aim of improving the investment decision-making process. This well-structured degree has an analytic and scientific basis and is aimed at enabling students to cope with the demands of a rapidly changing local and international investment environment.


● The following persons will be considered for admission: a candidate who is in possession of a certificate that is deemed by the University to be equivalent to the required Grade 12 certificate with university endorsement; a candidate who is a graduate from another tertiary institution or has been granted the status of a graduate of such an institution; and a candidate who is a graduate of another faculty at the University of Pretoria.
● Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS.
Additional requirements

  • General Regulations G.1 to G.15 (with the exception of Regulation G.11.2(c)) apply to a bachelor’s degree.
  • A student may not take more than the prescribed number of modules per semester unless the Dean decides otherwise.
  • A student may take a module not listed as an elective module only if the prior approval of the Dean has been obtained.
  • A student who is in possession of a bachelor’s degree may not present any modules passed for that degree for another field of specialisation or degree in this Faculty. (See General Regulations G.8 and G.9)
  • A module passed at 300-level shall only be recognised for degree purposes if the corresponding prescribed module(s) at 200-level has/have been passed, unless the Dean decides otherwise, with the proviso that the following modules which are offered at 300-level only, are also considered “major subjects”: Labour law 311 (ABR 311), Labour relations 320 (ABV 320) and International business management 359 and 369 (OBS 359