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BEngSc (BME) – Biomedical Engineering Course – Wits


About this course

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Biomedical Engineering is a discipline in which engineering and quantitative sciences are applied to the solution of medical and biological problems. Common examples include the development of sophisticated x-ray imaging systems, artificial organs and other medical devices.

Programme overview

The three - year undergraduate  Bachelor of Engineering Science in Biomedical Engineering BEngSc (BME) combines subjects in science, engineering, medicine and biology, as well as specific biomedical engineering courses.

It is a pre-professional qualification, thus, the graduate is not eligible for any professional registration based on this degree alone. Graduates of this qualification have various routes they can pursue to obtain a professional qualification, such as: Medicine (MBBCh) and BSc(Eng) in Electrical Engineering (or the Information option), or a BSc(Hons) in Physics.

Graduates of this degree can apply for admission into the third year of BSc(Eng) in Electrical/Information Engineering. However, the entry requirements for MBBCh and BSc(Hons) in Physics are competitive and may vary. The Biomedical programme, combined with one of the professional qualifications described, will produce a range of graduates with professional skills well suited to the highly technical health care environment of today.

Biomedical Engineering Career Opportunities

The BEngSc(BME) is intended to be followed by a professional degree.  However, if you do want to enter the job market with only the BEngSc(BME) degree, you may try to find employment in the following:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies on the marketing and sales side
  • Project management.

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