BScEng Aeronautical Engineering course – Wits

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BScEng Aeronautical Engineering course – Wits


About this course

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The aeronautical engineer is involved in the design, development and modification of the components and systems of all types of flight vehicles – including fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, sail planes, airships and missiles.

Programme overview

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering – Aeronautical Engineering (BScEng Aeronautical) is a four-year professional degree. You will share the first two years of study with the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering students to provide you with a firm foundation in the engineering sciences. From the third year, emphasis is placed on aeronautical design and on the study of aircraft behaviour. The practical aspects of your training are important and you will be required to complete project work during your vacations. Much of this project work is carried out in co-operation with the aircraft industry.

Career Opportunities

Design, develop and manufacture aerospace vehicles and their component systems

  • Research, design and development
  • Management and production side of the aeronautical industry
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Aircraft Design Engineer
  • Automotive Aerodynamics Engineer
  • Aircraft Systems Design Engineer
  • Propulsion Engineer
  • Airline Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Production Manager

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