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BTech Marketing at UJ


About this course

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Admission requirements:
A National Diploma (Marketing) or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 6 as determined by a Status Committee with an average of 60%. A 60% or higher mark on Marketing 3 would be mandatory plus 60% or higher on any major subject, namely Marketing Research 3, Marketing Communications 3, Consumer Behavior or Sales Management 3A.
Brief Description of program: The aim of the qualification is to develop the student’s applied and cognitive competencies in the acquisition, interpretation, understanding and applications of marketing principles. The student should be able to analyze and explain marketing and promotion decisions in the context of a marketing operations unit or company, and to assess and interpret the external impact of decisions. The student should also be able to reflect on her/his managerial decisions and applications to assess the effect thereof in the holistic context of marketing and promotions. Students must have experience in the marketing industry, in order to contextualize their learning to their business environment, and to appreciate improvements and interventions they can affect in their working environments.