Digital Marketing Course at Red and Yellow

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Digital Marketing Course at Red and Yellow


About this course

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The Red & Yellow Digital Marketing Course, run in partnership with USB-ED, is a 10-week online course. The course is designed to kick-start or consolidate your digital marketing knowledge using the latest in online learning techniques and expert-reviewed content. You’ll gain the cutting edge knowledge and practical skills you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand.

  • Gain the latest practical skills that you can immediately implement
  • Understand the digital customer and design customer experiences
  • Understand how to use SEO and copywriting to enhance your digital assets
  • Learn to implement social media, social advertising, & content marketing
  • Use paid media to increase brand awareness and reach
  • Learn to implement UX best practices
  • Know how to effectively use mobile channels & apps in your strategy
  • Use data to drive business insights & innovation
  • Measure digital campaign success using web analytics and data

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