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Diploma in Agriculture – Cape Peninsula University of Technology


About this course

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The course is structured to provide career-oriented education in order to prepare students for employment in the agricultural sector. The aim of the course is to train students in the latest agricultural techniques within the context of a specific specialisation field (fruit production; agronomy; viticulture; oenology or livestock production).

The purpose of this programme is to provide industry with agricultural and extension practitioners that are able to apply technical knowledge, practical competencies and appropriate extension and scientific communication skills in operating agricultural production units effectively as part of a production and/or advisory team. Graduates will be able to define, conceptualise and develop basic solutions for problems of limited complexity relating to agricultural production systems and human relations.

Career Opportunities in Agriculture 
Graduates follow career paths in agricultural research, extension, quality control, production and marketing. All of these are applicable in a wide variety of farming, research, agricultural input and marketing industries.

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