Diploma in Fashion Clothing and Technology – Studio 05 School of Fashion

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Diploma in Fashion Clothing and Technology – Studio 05 School of Fashion


About this course

Apply for Diploma in Fashion Clothing and Technology – Studio 05 School of Fashion


  • National Senior Certificate or Matric  Certificate

  • An attendance of an entrance assessment.

Course Content 

​1st  Year

  • Pattern Construction 1- basic foundation in pattern making for women’s garments.

  • Design Illustration 1- Practical skills in fashion illustration and technical drawing

  • Garment Construction 1- basic techniques, marking, laying, cutting, preparing and handwork.

  • Textiles 1- A broad understanding of, and practical skills in fabric care and textile design.

  • Design theory- successfully identify design style and look (ESSENTIAL for future client briefing).

  • History of fashion 1- A sound knowledge of the costumes of different cultures and the history of clothing up to the end of the Renaissance.

2nd Year

  • Pattern Construction 2- secondary patterns for stretch, tailoring, corsetry, mens/ womens wear, kiddies wear and grading of patterns.

  • Design Illustration 2- Advanced practical skills in fashion illustration and Technical drawing.

  • Garment Construction 2- Advanced factory methods of garment construction and basic tailoring.

  • (CAD) Computer Aided Design (Lectra Modaris)- Introduction into digital tools available for PC.

  • (CAD) Computer Aided Design (Lectra Kaledo)- Design software to simplify digital fashion illustration.

  • Fashion Branding- Process of conceptualizing, launching and establishing a new fashion brand.

3rd Year

  • Pattern Construction 3- Advanced patternmaking, specializing in any chosen line of clothing.

  • Design Illustration 3- Specializing in range design with portfolio presentation.

  • Garment Construction 3- Advanced methods of clothing production (couture, tailoring, kiddies)

  • Fashion Buying & Merchandising- Fashion forecasting, Range planning, Garment sourcing, Budgeting merchandise.

  • Fashion Entrepreneurship- The candidate will research, conceptualize and establish the viability of a new business venture in fashion.

  • (CAD) Computer Aided Design (Implementation)- learners get to put into practice what they have learnt in both Kaledo and Modaris. Learners will be expected to fully comprehend and utilize both programs effectively.