Diploma in Road Transport Management at Unisa

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Diploma in Road Transport Management at Unisa


About this course

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Programme in Road Transport Management (01910)

To provide qualifiers with the necessary knowledge, skills and applied competency to manage a road transport enterprise effectively and efficiently.

A practical approach is followed empowering qualifiers to make rational decisions in a road transport business and to contribute to the community by ensuring the continuous availability of the transport services at the lowest possible costs. Although much emphasis is placed on road freight transport, the principle that are taught in the programme are directly applicable to the passenger transport industry.

Target group

Entrepreneurs who own and operate small transport businesses or middle management in larger road freight and passenger transport enterprises. Apart from opportunities in professional transport enterprises, employment opportunities also exist in other sectors of the economy, for example services, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and mining. Many firms in these sectors own and operate their own fleet of vehicles and require personnel with the relevant knowledge and skills to manage a fleet.

Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification and numerical skills on the NQF level 3. Applicants who do not qualify, but who have suitable experience may apply to the Head of Department for consideration

Duration:One year

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