Electrical Engineering Damelin Course

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Electrical Engineering Damelin Course


About this course

Apply Electrical Engineering Damelin Course

Electronic enthusiasts with a fascination for circuit boards and control systems can charge up their career with a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Why this course is perfect for you?

Are you an analytical problem solver; eager to design new ways to use electrical power improve products? Then a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering may be your perfect fit.
Electrical engineering deals with the process of manufacturing electrical equipment, components, and systems for commercial, industrial and domestic usage, from start to finish.
Electrical engineers therefore use their knowledge in electricity, electronics and electromagnetism to design, develop, test, and supervise the production of electrical equipment.  Electrical engineers in the field, work with equipment such as transmission devices used by electric utilities, radar and navigation systems, machinery controls, electric motors, lighting and wiring in buildings, control and power generation. Electrical engineers also design the electrical systems of automobiles and aircraft.
This field has made the demand list for critical and scarce skills in the country, and the scope continues to expand both nationally and internationally. With the Diploma in Electrical Engineering you will be able to acquire these skills by covering courses in engineering science, electro-technology, industrial electronics and industrial electronics. This will provide you with the platform you need to fulfil your curiosity and expand your creativity within this world of wires.

Why study with Damelin?

As soon as you join the Damelin family, you become part of a network of students, lecturers and friends, who will assist and support you during this exciting journey in your life. Our courses are designed to make your learning as comfortable as possible, with facilities that allow you to build your career in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our lecturers will provide all the support and guidance you require, so you leave Damelin with an unforgettable campus experience.
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