GIBS MBA course – All you need to know

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GIBS MBA course – All you need to know


About this course

Apply for GIBS MBA course – All you need to know

The MBA is an attractive and unique MBA offering that resonates with those individuals who are either self-driven, highly motivated and entrepreneurial minded and who are keen to start their own owner-managed business, or the general manager who is looking to gain a deeper and all-rounded understanding of business to become a more effective manager.

As of 2016 prospective students interested in studying towards a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) will now be required to be in possession of an NQF level eight qualification, i.e. honours degree postgraduate diploma or equivalent qualification. In response to this, GIBS has restructured the MBA. GIBS accommodates students with a three year degree through a Postgraduate Diploma in General Management. Students need to successfully complete all requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in General Management in order to be eligible to gain entry into the GIBS MBA.

The following core courses are covered in the Postgraduate Diploma in General Management:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Marketing
  • Human Behaviour and Performance in South Africa
  • Management Accounting
  • Macroeconomics
  • Human Resource​
  • Strategy Analytical Tools and Techniques
  • Corporate Finance
  • Organisational Development and Transformation
  • Operations Management
Should the subjects completed in your honours degree/postgraduate diploma/equivalent qualification or higher does not match the above core subjects covered in the PGDip, you will then have to begin with the PGDip phase 1 and then move onto the MBA phase 2.
This does not affect the duration it will take to complete your MBA journey. Both phase 1 (PGDip) and phase 2 (MBA) will take one year of contact time to complete.
Application fee: R2750 (non-refundable, payable on application submission)
Registration fee: R15 000 payable on acceptance to the MBA offset against cost of 1st year tuition.
Total tuition fees: R214 000 (2017 & 2018, excludes global module)
Administration fee for students from countries outside South Africa: R5 000
Global module fee: US$4 000 – US$5 900 (This amount will be invoiced at the equivalent rand amount based on the prevailing exchange rate at the time of the compulsory global module.)

Please note that GIBS does not charge VAT on tuition fees.
*These fees include the cost of the Postgraduate Diploma in General Management and the MBA phases combined.