LLB Course at Wits School of Law

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LLB Course at Wits School of Law


About this course

LLB Course at Wits School of Law

The Wits School of Law LLB programme gives students access to a range of legal careers.

The programme offerings of the School of Law’s are highly prized in the marketplace for their high standards of academic excellence and practical relevance. The wide range of subjects taught by acknowledged experts allows students to develop themselves into world-class legal specialists.

The Wits School of Law offers the LLB programme in three streams:

  1. A two-year LLB stream where students choose to first do a BA (Law) or a B Com (Law) which feeds into the LLB
  2. A three-year LLB stream (for students who decide, after completing a first degree, to study law)
  3. A four-year LLB stream where students can start studying law directly from matric.

Please visit the Student Enrolment website for admissions requirements, closing dates, applications and information on how to apply to Wits.