Masters in Social Work – University of Johannesburg

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Masters in Social Work – University of Johannesburg


About this course

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Name of programme: MA (Social Work: Community Development)
The aim of this qualification is to develop advanced competencies in the facilitation of processes, techniques and principles of sustainable community programmes and projects based of peoplecentred, participatory theoretical approaches, to address inequality, poverty and injustices in a global and African context. Further students will be able to facilitate the establishment and management of community based organisations within the context of community economic development integrating social and community development.
Admission requirements:

  • An entrance examination might be required.
  • A four year Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, or its equivalent, or a three-year Degree in Social Work together with an Honours Degree in Social Work considered by the chairperson of the department to be appropriate is required.
  • Confirmation is required from the student’s employer that internship and research may be conducted in the work situation.

Duration of the programme: The duration of the part-time programme is at least four semesters (two academic years).
Contact details:  Tel: 011 559 2803/4