Maternity Nursing Course at Netcare

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Maternity Nursing Course at Netcare


About this course

Maternity Nursing Course at Netcare

Programme Duration Entry level qualification
In-Service Certificate Programme in Maternity Nursing for Registered Nurses 6 months RN

Contribute to the magical moments of childbirth by acquiring the specialist knowledge and skills required to care for maternity patients. Education content covers the female reproductive system (including the menstrual cycle and fertilisation), physiological changes during pregnancy, the physiology of labour and delivery, foetal circulation and the changes that occur at birth, normal pregnancy, internal examinations and induction of labour, delivery, management and care of the new-born, care of the placenta, Caesarean section, instrument deliveries and delivery complications, examination of the new-born, breastfeeding and/or supplementary and formula feeding, as well as post-natal care of mother and child. Students also study the ethical, psycho-social and medico-legal aspects of obstetrics, and family planning (including contraception techniques, termination of pregnancy and HIV-related aspects of care).

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