Sound Engineering Technology Course – Academy of Sound Engineering

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Sound Engineering Technology Course – Academy of Sound Engineering


About this course

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Designed to produce a grounding in engineering science, design and synthesis. Working knowledge of a wide range of audio circuits and equipment frequently encountered in professional audio. Design, construction, repair, modification and commissioning of audio equipment. A broad and applied IT skills set. A thorough understanding of the technical aspects of professional audio and broadcasting environments.

Academic Entrance Requirements:

In order to maintain a very high standard and to produce the world’s top graduates in the professional audio field, entry requirements for this degree are very high. Please contact a student advisor for detailed information, as the academy has it’s own unique points system for academic acceptance which is largely influenced by the subject choices of each individual.
However, the bare minimum requirement is 60% For Gr 12 Mathematics and a Bachelors Degree endorsement. The points system is then applied to the results.  Candidates who do not meet the entry requirements, but who have a proven track record of high achievement in one of our other programmes, may apply to our academic board for special exemption in order to gain access to this academically rigorous programme.


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