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Teaching and research in the Marketing Discipline focuses on various areas such as consumer behaviour, communications and electronic media strategy, marketing theory, marketing research, services marketing, general marketing strategy, branding strategy, innovation management, sustainable development in marketing, profit management, and marketing decision science.

What is Marketing?

Marketing involves effectively managing the portions of an organisation which interact with its consumers. It informs sales strategy, business communication and the development of products and services; it incorporates market research, market segmentation, target market analysis, the science of consumer behaviour, communication programmes and advertising and sales promotion.

Why Study Marketing?

Marketing can lead to a wide range of career choices including advertising, brand management, sports marketing, strategic planning and tourism, to name but a few. Marketing graduates occupy positions such as creative account directors, marketing directors, marketing managers, brand managers and marketing strategists.

Marketing Programmes

Follow the links to access information pertaining to undergraduate and postgraduate Marketing programmes.