Teaching Courses at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

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Teaching Courses at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)


About this course

Apply for Teaching Courses offered at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

The School of Education at TUT provides studies in aspects of education that are implicated in the Education, Training and Development through its four Departments, namely Educational Foundation, with focus on the fundamentals of education, training and development of theories related to educational studies, including the management, general didactic theories and work integrated learning; Primary Education, with focus on general education and training development as the primary building block for schools; Mathematics, Science and Business Education, with focus on Mathematics, Sciences and Commercial and Business studies in education​; and Technology and Vocational Education, with the focus on Technology, Computer Sciences and Vocational Education.


Qualification code: BHEG70 – NQF Level 8 (120 credits)
This qualification is managed by the Department of Primary Education.

Admission requirements

Four-year professional teaching degree or an appropriate Bachelor’s degree and a recognised professional teaching qualification or a four year professional teaching qualification as well as an Advanced Diploma in a cognate subfield of Education.
Admission is subject to selection.
A personal interview with authorised academic(s) delegated by the Head of the School. c

Minimum duration

One year.


Block-mode classes offered over a period of two years. e.

Intake for the qualification

January only.
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Admission requirements:
A Bachelor of Education (Hons) or an equivalent qualification, which should have been passed with an average of 60% to be considered for selection. Each Candidate have to submit the following to the School of Education before 30 October of the year preceding their studies:

  • an updated curriculum vitae, including all contact details;
  • a typed motivation for wishing to study for the Masters in Education;
  • a short description of the research topic; and
  • an academic record that includes the marks obtained in the Bachelor of Education (Hons).

In addition, candidates should successfully complete Research Methodology in the first year of study if it was not included in a previous qualification. Postgraduate workshops will be held and students have to attend them.

  • Candidates should understand that neither an average of 60% nor the submission of the portfolio automatically gives them admission to the Masters in Education. If a candidate’s portfolio is accepted, he or she will be invited to an interview. During this interview, a final decision will be taken about his or her admission.
  • Candidates, who did not obtain their previous qualification at TUT should submit an application form to Student Administration in order to obtain a student number.

Selection criteria

Candidates who are selected on the strength of their written motivations will be invited for interviews. Candidates who succeed in their interviews will be informed during November to register.
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