Honours in Educational Psychology

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Honours in Educational Psychology


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Unisa Honours in Educational Psychology
Name of Qualification: Honours Bachelor of Education (specialisation in Psycho-Educational Support)
It is a requirement for students who intend on registering for this qualification to be in possession of a completed recognised 4 year Professional Teaching qualification. The Honours BEd degree is not a professional teaching qualification. TRANSITIONAL ARRANGEMENTS: Students who have not passed HBEDTRD prior to 2011 but have already passed both specialisation modules have to enroll for HBEDTRD and either HBEDABH or HBEDWSL as part of the degree. NB: This qualification will not be recognised by the Department of Higher Education and Training should you NOT be in possession of a 4 year professional teaching qualification.

Module Pre-requisite/Co-requisite/Recommendation
Group A. Compulsory
HBEDECS – South African Education in Context Co-requisite:HBEDTRD
HBEDMSV – Managing the School as an Organisation
HBEDOBG – Organisational Behaviour in Education and Education Law Co-requisite:HBEDTRD
HBEDTL6 – Teaching and Learning Co-requisite:HBEDTRD
HBEDTRD – Theory and Research in Education

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