Examination guidelines for 2021 Grade 12 CAPS pdf: A number of concerns were received from teachers, subject specialists, parents and education stakeholders about the challenges in the implementation of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) in many subjects across the grades (exams) with regards to:

  • curriculum/assessment overload and poor curriculum coverage;
  • poor quality of formal assessment tasks;
  • lack of guidance on the use of cognitive levels;
  • omissions on the forms of assessment; and weighting of assessment with regards to time and marks;
  • the need to create more time for teaching and formative assessment;
  • the number of tasks based on the need to make valid and reliable judgments about learning outcomes;
  • shift from disconnected ‘tagged on’ assessments to credible assessment tasks;
  • the nature of the subject and Grade used to determine the required number of assessment tasks; and to reduce dominance by any single type or mode, e.g.: Tests, Projects, Assignments, Case Studies, Simulations etc.

The Department of Basic Education has considered the concerns and has agreed to undertake a holistic review of the CAPS documents to enhance the effectiveness of the curriculum. However, a curriculum strengthening process is lengthy and includes strict policy processes. To urgently address the most pressing needs and provide interim relief to teachers whilst supporting effective curriculum implementation, transitional arrangements have been approved whilst allowing the rigorous process of strengthening the CAPS to take place. The DBE developed an abridged version of Section 4 of the CAPS, focusing mainly on the reduction of formal assessment tasks across most subjects.

Examination Guidelines for 2021 are for the following Grade 12 subjects:

  1. Accounting
  2. Agricultural Management Practices
  3. Agricultural Sciences
  4. Agricultural Technology
  5. Business Studies
  6. Computer Applications Technology (CAT)
  7. Civil Technology – Civil Services, Construction and Woodworking
  8. Consumer Studies
  9. Economics
  10. Electrical Technology – Digital Electronics, Electronics and Power Systems
  11. Engineering Graphics & Design (EGD)
  12. First Additional Languages (FAL)
  13. Geography
  14. History
  15. Home Languages
  16. Hospitality Studies
  17. Information Technology (IT)
  18. Life Orientation
  19. Life Sciences
  20. Mathematical Literacy
  21. Mathematics
  22. Mechanical Technology – Automotive, Fitting and Machining & Welding and Metalwork
  23. Physical Sciences
  24. Religion Studies
  25. Second Additional Languages
  26. Technical Mathematics
  27. Technical Sciences

Download the Guidelines for 2021 below:

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Examination guidelines for 2021 Grade 12 pdf

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