Four Reasons Why Employers Should Hire more Older Citizens for their Companies

On this page, we explore four reasons why employers should hire more older citizens for their companies. In the digital age that we live in, the workplace keeps redefining itself in an attempt to stay relevant in the ever-changing societies heavily influenced by internet technology and machine learning. The biggest question may be, “should we still hire older citizens?”, “will they fit in? “, do they have any value that they can add really? Well, older citizens still have their place in the ever-changing work environment. And yes, if placed strategically, they will still add tremendous value that will grow companies and add value to the societies.

Descrimination based on age, is unlawful in South Africa. According to EAPA-SA, employers still demonstrate ageist attitudes and harbour negative perceptions about older workers – especially about their ability to adapt to technological and organisational change. Both the South African Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Employment Equity Act (EEA) protect all employees against age discrimination – and any other form of arbitrary discrimination.

Four Reasons to Hire Older Citizens

Below are the main four reasons why employers should hire more older citizens for their companies

  • #ONE: Older Citizens are the most loyal employees as compared to the younger ones
  • #TWO: Older Citizens possess wealth of work experience which will make the company more profitable.
  • #THREE: Older Citizens are more trusted in companies. Also, older clients may prefar to deal with older employees in the companies.
  • #FOUR: Older Citizens are resourceful in retaining business knowledge and valuable long existing networks

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