Give five innovative solutions to counter unemployment (Life Orientation Answer)

Give five innovative solutions to counter unemployment (Life Orientation Answer): When you are asked during an exam, test, or assignment, “Suggest and explain 5 innovative solutions to counter unemployment”, or “possible solutions to rise above unemployment in South Africa”, you should list the following reasons below:

More than 5 Innovative Solutions to counter unemployment in South Africa

  • Register on the Department of Labour database as an unemployed work seeker. The Department of Labour’s work seeker database is a register of all unemployed people seeking work opportunities. To register your details on this database, you will need to visit your local Labour Centre and complete a work seeker application. The Department of Labour will provide you with a reference number and inform you of learner ships and other opportunities that arise.You can get contact details of Labour Centres in your areas from ;
  • Start working part-time during school holidays and weekends and gain experience
  • Volunteering: Volunteering means you help others. You give of your time and skills to others. You do not expect payment. Volunteering makes you feel good about yourself because you are doing something for somebody else. This builds confidence. It also allows you to explore your interests, abilities and skills. This might make it easier for you to choose a career. Volunteering is not only about helping people. You can also, for example, volunteer to clean up rivers or beaches or work in an animal shelter. When you volunteer, you usually get a letter or a certificate to state what kind of work you did and for how many hours. You can add this to your CV because now you have work experience, and have shown that you are willing to help make South Africa a better place.
  • Part-time jobs; If you work for a short while or for part of a day or week, you have a part-time job. You can gain a lot of experience through part-time jobs, because you can have more than one job at a time. For example, you may get a job to help with directing spectators to their seats at soccer matches. This job is only on certain days, so it is part time. You will build up good experience, and become skilled in different aspects of work. In addition, you will earn an income, while you build your CV, part-time job
  • Community work: Community work means you do something to benefit your community or a community in need. It is also a form of volunteering, but you concentrate on the needs of your community. The work is usually paid for by government or an NGO, or a religious-based organisation. For example, you may help to feed orphans or help to make a community peace garden.
  • Entrepreneurship; To be an entrepreneur you have to see a need and provide a service or goods that people need. This is a great way to earn money while you look for other work opportunities. If your entrepreneurship leads to success, you may turn this into your day-to-day job and also employ others.
  • Informal jobs are usually short term. For example, you may wash cars, do gardening, sell newspapers, make clothes, or sell fruit or sweets at the taxi rank or next to the school. Some people prefer informal employment due to its flexible hours. This allows them to balance family responsibilities. Others find this is the only work they can do to survive.
  • Sign up as a temporary employees (or temps). Some managers assume you’re happy as a temp, and you need to let them know that you would be happier as a full-time employee.
  • Contact a job agency (a Google search will reveal several in your area), and set up a profile with them. Don’t e-mail them – call them.
  • Get a employment, no matter where it is, even if it’s just a part time job. Whether you want to be a cashier at the local supermarket or a helper at Home Depot, you’ll need to start getting some kind of income while looking for your next full-time job! Don’t think that you are too smart to any job. You must start somewhere.
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