Grade 11 Life Orientation Study Guide Free Download

Grade 11 Life Orientation Study Guide Free Download. This page includes different free PDF Study Guides for download to help Grade 11 learners with their exam preparations and studies. The study guides include Mind the Gap (CAPS) and many others.


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Making your way through life, and succeeding in it, is similar to taking a journey. Just as you would make the necessary preparations for a journey, so you need to prepare for your future. The first step of any journey is to know exactly where you are going and what directions you need to follow to reach your destination. If you did not have goals, it would be the same as undertaking a journey to an unknown destination without a map. Without clear plans to achieve your goals, your journey would be completely aimless.

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Life Orientation: Focus Grade 11 Textbook pdf Download

Summary: Fully CAPS compliant. Opportunities for exam practice and assessment. Complete Programme of Assessment provided. Used and tested in schools throughout South Africa. Supports and engages learners for success

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List of Grade 11 Life Orientation Study Guide Textbook Free Download

Hello Grade 11 Learners. My Courses has many study resources for you needed to pass your exams, tests, assessments, research tasks, and assignments under CAPS South African Subjects Curriculum. Feel free to explore all resources for grade 11, such as Study Guides, Past Exam Question Papers with Answers, and Essay Speech Topics.

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Grade 11 fully prepares you for Grade 12 level of exams and assessments. You might as well regard Grade 11 as your final trial run for Matric level. Most of the classwork covered in the grade 11 syllabus will prepare you for Matric anyway. Passing your Grade 11 with flying colours, is usually a sign that you will ace your Matric and make your uncles and cousins proud.

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