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Navigating the school fee structure for the upcoming academic year can be a bit of a maze, but don’t worry, we’ve got all the info you need right here. Grey High School, known for its excellence in education and extracurriculars, has set its fees for 2024 following a detailed presentation to parents and the adoption of the budget in accordance with the SA Schools Act. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about both day school and boarding fees, including options for annual and monthly payments.

Grey High School Fees for 2024

Here’s a simplified table format that captures the key details of the Grey High School fees for 2024, breaking down both day school and boarding fees, along with payment options:

CategoryPayment OptionDetails
Day School FeesAnnually (Discounted)R65,000 if paid by 31 January 2024
Annually (Regular)R68,400
Monthly x 12R5,700
Instrument Hire (Mar – Dec)R280 per month
Rowing Equipment HireR300 per month
Boarding House FeesAnnually (Discounted)R79,800 if paid by 31 January 2024
Annually (Regular)R84,000
Monthly x 12R7,000
Payment MethodsDebit OrderCommences on 2 January 2024, deducted on the 1st working day of each month
Annual Payments (Discount)School fees: Save R3,400; Hostel fees: Save R4,200 if paid by 31 January 2024
Direct Deposit/EFTNo cash payments, proof of payment emailed to the school

This table format aims to make the information about Grey High School’s fees for 2024 more accessible and easier to understand at a glance, including both the options for day students and those requiring boarding facilities, as well as the payment methods available.

Day School Fees

For the 2024 school year, parents can expect a slight bump in fees, as decided by the Board of Governors. This increase supports the school’s commitment to providing top-notch education and facilities. Here’s how it pans out:

  • Annually: If you’re able to pay the full amount by January 31, 2024, the total comes to R65,000, saving you a bit compared to the standard annual fee of R68,400.
  • Monthly: For those who prefer spreading the cost throughout the year, monthly payments are R5,700 over 12 months. It’s a convenient option for budgeting, though the total annual cost is slightly higher due to the spread.

Additional fees include instrument hire for those involved in the music program (R280 per month from March to December) and rowing equipment hire for our rowers (R300 monthly throughout the year).

Boarding School Fees

Boarding at Grey High offers a vibrant community and a home away from home. For the 2024 school year, boarding fees have been adjusted to reflect the school’s ongoing improvements in accommodation and boarding facilities:

  • Annually: The annual boarding fee is R79,800 if paid by January 31, 2024. This is a discounted rate from the standard fee of R84,000, offering a significant saving for early birds.
  • Monthly: Monthly payments are set at R7,000 over 12 months for grades 8 through 12. This plan allows families to manage expenses in manageable monthly chunks.

It’s important to note that all payments received are first allocated to school fees before covering other expenses like boarding.

Payment of Fees

Grey High School has streamlined the payment process to ensure ease and security:

  1. Debit Order Payments: Set to kick off on January 2, 2024, and run until December 1, 2024. Debit orders are deducted on the first working day of each month, ensuring a hassle-free payment process. Remember, to keep your debit order authorizations up to date!
  2. Annual Payments: Paying fees annually before January 31, 2024, comes with a discount of R3,400 for school fees and R4,200 for hostel fees—a great incentive for paying upfront.
  3. Other Payments: No cash payments are accepted. All payments must be made via direct deposit or EFT to the school’s bank account. Don’t forget to email proof of payment and use your Grey High School account number as the reference.

Managing school fees can be a bit of a balancing act, but with these options, you can find a payment plan that works best for your family. Whether you’re leaning towards the convenience of monthly payments or the savings offered by paying annually, Grey High School has made sure there’s a fit for everyone’s budget.

Grey High School Fees for 2025 Estimates

Based on a 7% increase for the year 2025, here are the estimated fees for Grey High School:

Day School Fees

  • Annually: The regular annual fee is estimated to be R73,188.
  • Discounted Annual Fee (if paid by the specified early payment date): R69,550.
  • Monthly Payment (over 12 months): Approximately R6,099 per month.

Boarding House Fees

  • Annually: The regular annual boarding fee is estimated to be R89,880.
  • Discounted Annual Fee (if paid by the specified early payment date): R85,386.
  • Monthly Payment (over 12 months): Approximately R7,490 per month.

These estimates account for the expected increase and provide a forecast for families planning ahead for the 2025 academic year at Grey High School. ​​

Grey High School Gqeberha3
Grey High School Gqeberha3

How to Apply Online at Grey High School for 2025?

When applying to Grey High School for the 2025 academic year, it’s all about being prepared and making sure you’ve got everything you need before diving into the online application process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make sure you’re all set:

Online Application Procedure

  1. Gather Your Documents: Before you even click to start your application, make sure you have the following ready in the right format:
    • A certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate.
    • Certified copies of both parents’ ID documents.
    • A copy of the applicant’s latest school report from their current school.
    • Proof of residence, like the latest utility bill.
    • A copy of the medical aid card (both back and front) and a copy of the main member’s ID.
    • An ID-sized photograph of the applicant in school uniform, which needs to be in JPG format.
  2. Add Contacts: It’s mandatory to include details for two contacts (could be mother, father, guardian, or in the absence of a second parent/guardian, a close relative or another contact for emergencies).
  3. Submit: Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information and uploaded your documents, hit “Submit” on the final page of the application. No need to hit “Save” at any point; just submit it when you’re done.
  4. Additional Documents: There are a few more forms you need to download, fill out, and have ready to upload:
  5. Start Your Application: Ready to go? Click on the link provided by the school to start your online application for 2025.

Deadlines and Other Grades

  • Deadline for Grade 8 (2025) Applications: Mark your calendar! The closing date is Friday, 1 March 2024.
  • Grade 9-11 Applications: These are accepted throughout the year, depending on space availability.

Make sure to check out the provided link for more detailed info on the application process and a guide to fees. This will take you to the official Grey High School admissions page: Online Application.

Following these steps carefully will help ensure a smooth application process to one of the most prestigious schools around. Good luck!

Subjects Offered at Grey High School

Grey High School offers a diverse range of subjects for the 2025 academic year, catering to various interests and career paths. Here’s a breakdown of the subjects and a brief description of each to give you a sense of what’s on offer:

Core Subjects

  • Afrikaans: A language subject focusing on developing proficiency in Afrikaans, including comprehension, communication, and literature.
  • English: A comprehensive study of the English language and literature, aimed at enhancing reading, writing, and analytical skills.

Commerce Subjects

  • Accounting: Introduces principles of financial accounting, focusing on the systematic recording, reporting, and analysis of financial transactions.
  • Business Studies: Covers the fundamentals of business concepts, business environments, and business ventures.
  • Economic and Management Sciences (EMS): Offers insights into the economy, basic economic principles, and effective business management.

Science and Mathematics

  • Mathematics: Focuses on developing analytical and problem-solving skills through the study of various mathematical concepts.
  • Mathematical Literacy: Provides practical knowledge and application of mathematics in daily life.
  • Life Sciences: Explores biological sciences, including ecosystems, human biology, and the environment.
  • Physical Sciences: Combines physics and chemistry to understand the physical world.

Technology and Computer Science

  • Computer Applications Technology: Teaches practical computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations.
  • Information Technology: Advanced study of computer science, focusing on programming languages, software development, and databases.
  • Engineering Graphics and Design: Offers principles of technical drawing and design, essential for engineering and architectural fields.


  • Geography: Studies physical and human geography, including environmental and social issues.
  • History: Explores historical events, civilizations, and movements, fostering critical thinking about the past and its impact on the present.
  • Life Orientation: Aims at personal development, social skills, and preparation for the outside world, including health, social responsibility, and career guidance.


  • Creative Arts: Encourages creativity through various forms of artistic expression, including drawing, painting, and sculpture.
  • Music: Offers theoretical and practical aspects of music, including performance, history, and theory.
  • Visual Arts: Focuses on visual creativity, art history, and practical art-making techniques.

Additional Programs and Services

  • Career Guidance: Assists students in making informed decisions about their future education and career paths.
  • Academic Support: Provides extra help and resources for students needing assistance in their studies.
  • ICT Services: Offers support and resources related to information and communication technology.
  • Library Services: Provides access to a wide range of educational materials and a conducive environment for study.

Awards and Examinations

  • Awards: Recognizes academic and extracurricular excellence among students.
  • Exams/Exam Timetables: Scheduled assessments to evaluate student progress, including midterm and final exams.


  • IsiXhosa: Teaches proficiency in IsiXhosa, focusing on communication skills and cultural understanding.


  • Technology: Explores technological principles, innovations, and their applications in various fields.

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education, preparing them for higher education and future careers.

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