How can you calculate your APS score at Wits University?

How can you navigate the complexities of gaining admission to Wits University in South Africa? What does it take to calculate your Admission Point Score (APS) accurately? Understanding the APS system and meeting the entry requirements are crucial steps in securing a spot at this prestigious institution. From the National Senior Certificate (NSC) to the National Benchmark Tests (NBT), each component plays a vital role in your application process.

Article Highlights:

  1. Categories of School-Leaving Qualifications: The article outlines the different types of school-leaving qualifications accepted by Wits, such as NSC, International Qualifications, and NCV.
  2. Minimum Admission Requirements: Learn about the Bachelor’s Degree Pass requirements and how compliance with minimum criteria doesn’t guarantee admission.
  3. General Requirements: Understand the necessity of having an NSC, IEB, or SACAI qualification along with a Bachelor’s degree pass for eligibility.
  4. APS Score Components: Get a detailed explanation of how Matric Subjects and NBT Results contribute to your APS score.
  5. Wits APS Scoring Basis: Discover the importance of subjects like English and Mathematics in the APS calculation.
  6. Wits APS Score Table: A comprehensive table to help you understand the point system for different percentage ranges in subjects.

By familiarising yourself with these key aspects, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the admission process at Wits University.

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How can you calculate your APS score at Wits University?

To calculate your APS score at Wits University, you’ll need to consider both your Matric subject grades and your National Benchmark Test (NBT) results. First, convert your final high school subject grades into points based on the Wits APS Score Table: 8 points for 90-100%, 7 points for 80-89%, and so on. Add up the points for your six best subjects, excluding Life Orientation. Then, add the points from your NBT results, which are also converted into a point system. The sum of these points will give you your total APS score. It’s important to note that Wits University includes the best seven subjects in the APS calculation, including Life Orientation, and specific faculty requirements may also apply.

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Entry Requirements at Wits University

Categories of School-Leaving Qualifications:

  1. The National Senior Certificate (NSC)
  2. Admission Requirements for International Qualifications
  3. The National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV)

Minimum Admission Requirements (Bachelor’s Degree Pass):

  • Compliance with minimum requirements doesn’t guarantee admission.
  • Limited number of places approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training.
  • Final selection depends on availability of places, academic results, and other entry requirements.

General Requirements:

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC), Independent Examinations Board (IEB), or South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) subjects.
  • A Bachelor’s degree pass.
  • Completion of any other additional Faculty or School requirements.
  • Only one Matric upgrade/rewrite attempt is considered.

APS Score Components:

  1. Matric Subjects: These include your final high school subject grades, each converted to points based on your performance.
  2. NBT Results: The National Benchmark Tests (NBT) are also converted into points.

Wits APS Scoring Basis:

  • English is compulsory either as Home Language or First Additional Language.
  • Mathematics is core for Commerce, Law, Engineering, Science, and most Health Sciences programmes.
  • Mathematical Literacy is considered for LLB, Education, and Humanities.
  • APS is based on the best seven subjects, including Life Orientation.
  • Further Studies (previously AP) subjects are also included.

Wits APS Score Table:

  • 8: 90-100% (8+2=10 for English and Mathematics, 4 for Life Orientation)
  • 7: 80-89% (7+2=9 for English and Mathematics, 3 for Life Orientation)
  • 6: 70-79% (6+2=8 for English and Mathematics, 2 for Life Orientation)
  • 5: 60-69% (5+2=7 for English and Mathematics, 1 for Life Orientation)
  • 4: 50-59% (4 for English and Mathematics, 0 for Life Orientation)
  • 3: 40-49% (3 for English and Mathematics, 0 for Life Orientation)
  • 0: 30-39% or below (0 for all subjects)

By understanding these components and requirements, you can better prepare for your application to Wits University. Would you like more information on specific faculties or courses at Wits?