On this page, we discuss how gender inequality in relationships could contribute to teenage pregnancy. Do you know that more than 36,000 babies were delivered to girls aged 10 to 19 in the first quarter of 2021 in South Africa? Teenage pregnancy in South Africa remains a great concern, and there should be ways and solutions to this concern. As girls don’t make the babies alone by themselves, how about looking at gender inequalities in the relationships?

The issues of gender inequality play a large role in teenage pregnancy in South Africa. The decisions about using contraceptives and when as well as how to engage in sexual activity can easily be influenced by the man in the relationship. The reason behind this is that men are mostly in the position of power in most relationships. as a result of gender inequality.

Sexual abuse such as fondling, rape or sexual exploitation of teen females, as well as minors by male parents, caregivers or strangers, can also be linked to gender inequality. Men usually sexually abuse women because of their power in the society

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