On this page we will advise Grade 12 learners on how to find a balance between the new found freedom and responsibility behaviour in South Africa. As the former South African President, Nelson Mandela once said, “With freedom, comes more responsibility.” This means The more freedom you have, the more responsible you ought to be. You know why? Well, freedom gives individuals much power in their hands. This power can at times, be used to overstep other people’s boundaries.

As a Grade 12 Learner in South Africa, you do have the following types of freedom, amongst others:

  • Freedom of religion, belief and opinion: You can follow the religion of your choice. BUT, don’t criticise or discriminate other people’s religions.
  • Freedom of speech and expression: Everyone can say or print or photograph whatever they want provided they do not break the law. But, don’t hurt or hate using your speech on public domains.
  • Freedom of association: You can associate with whoever you want to. However, don’t associate your self with drug dealers, lazy people, and people with criminal intentions.

Thus, finding a balance between new found freedom and responsibile behaviour simple means respect and treat others as you would like to be treated.

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