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How to say Good Morning in Tshivenda or Veda language?

When learning a new language, mastering basic greetings is essential. In the context of the Tshivenda language, also known as Venda, there are specific phrases used for common greetings like “Good Morning.”

Guide: How to say Good morning in Tshivenda

  • The primary phrase for “Good Morning” in Tshivenda is “Ndi matsheloni”. This phrase is a direct equivalent to the English greeting and is widely used among speakers of Tshivenda.
  • An alternative phrase that can be used is “Lotsha”. This variation offers a slightly different way to convey the same morning greeting and can be used interchangeably with “Ndi matsheloni”.
  • In response to these greetings, the appropriate phrase is “Ndi matsheloni avhudi”. This is akin to saying “Good morning to you too” in English and is used as a polite response to someone who has greeted you first.

How to say Good morning in a sentence

Ndi matsheloni a vhudi vhagudiswa


In English: Ndi matsheloni a vhudi vhagudiswa in English means “Good morning learners”.

General Examples of saying Good morning in Tshivenda:

  1. “Good morning, everyone!” = ndi masheloni nothe
  2. “Good morning, how are you?” = ndi matsheloni, hurini?
  3. “Good morning! Nice day, right?” = ndi matsheloni, duvh lavhudi kani?
  4. “Good morning, class!” = ndi matsheloni vhagudiswa
  5. “Good morning, Sarah speaking.” = ndi matsheloni, ndi Sarah a no kho u amba
  6. “Good morning, team!” = ndi matsheloni tshigwada
  7. “Good morning! Fancy seeing you here!”= ndi matsheloni, ndi zwavhudi u nivhona
  8. “Good morning, family!” = ndi matsheloni muta
  9. “Good morning, how can I help?” = ndi matsheloni, ndi nga ni thusa hani?
  10. “Good morning, viewers!” = ndi matsheloni vhataleli

Saying Good morning to your lover in Tshivenda:

  1. “Good morning, my love. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.” = ndi matsheloni mufunwa wanga. Ndi a fulufhela duvha lanu ndi la nthesa u fana na inwi.
  2. “Good morning, sweetheart. Waking up next to you is the best part of my day.” = ndi matsheloni dinga. U vuwa tsini na inwi ndi zwavhudisa kha duvha langa.
  3. “Good morning, darling. Your smile is brighter than the sun.” = Ndi matsheloni, nyanenge. Umwemwela hanu hu penya u fhira duvha.
  4. “Good morning to the love of my life. Every day with you is a blessing.” = Ndi matsheloni mufunwa wa vhutshilo hanga.
  5. “Hey beautiful, good morning! I can’t wait to see you today.” = Hey nyalunako, ndi magsheloni. A thikoni ulindela u nivhona namusi.
  6. “Good morning, my dear. Thinking of you first thing in the morning.” = Ndi matsheloni, muthu wanga
  7. “Good morning, my angel. Your love brightens my day.” = Ndi matsheloni murunwa wanga. Lufuno lwanu lu vhonetshela duvha langa.
  8. “Good morning, gorgeous. You make every morning feel special.” = Ndi matsheloni, muthu wa vhudi. Ni ita uri matsheloni manwe na manwe a vhve anthesa.
  9. “Good morning, honey.” = Ndi matsheloni, mudifho wanga.
  10. “Good morning, my heart. You are my first thought today, as always.” = Ndi matsheloni, mbilu yanga. Ni muhumnulo wa uthoma namusi, sa zwine zwa itea tshifhinga tshothe.

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