Obituary Examples for Grade 12 Assessments

How to Write an Obituary for Grade 12

How to Write an Obituary for Grade 12(examples): An obituary is one of the last things that will be read about a person who has died. As a Grade 12 Learner, you are expected to know how to write an obituary.

What is a Purpose of an Obituary?

The obituary, like the funeral service, notifies the public of your loved one’s passing. The purpose of an obituary is to notify the public of an individual’s passing and relay the details of the services. It can also detail the life of the deceased.

What does an Obituary include?

  • The person’s full and complete name. If the person had a nickname, place it in quotation marks as a reminder to those who called him or her that particular name.
  • Their date of birth and date of death. This commemorates the years of life lived by your family member or close friend.
  • Names of surviving family members. This can include names of the person’s spouse, siblings, and children. If the person had a large family or many grandchildren, you can list the number of relatives to save writing space.
  • The funeral arrangements. This lets family members, friends, and the community know where and when everything will be. People want to know this information because they will want to pay their last respects to the family and the dear friend they knew and loved.

If you’d like to make the obituary more personal, consider adding the following details:

  • Where he or she went to school and graduated from
  • Notable accomplishments during life, including professions, publications, discoveries, etc.
  • Passions in life, including philanthropic and charitable causes
  • Cause of death, especially if the person wished for donations to a relevant organization instead of flowers
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What is an Obituary?

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