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Qualitas Career Academy

Qualitas Career Academy

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Qualitas Career Academy, a registered and accredited, multi-campus, national educational brand.

  • Qualitas is a college, offering tertiary education in two modes: Full-time studies and part-time studies.
  • The “Career Academy” in our name signifies our point of differentiation: Students enrol with us for one reason – to qualify in order to find work / improve their career prospects. So – instead of just seeing ourselves as a college, our name reminds us that we exist. While most tertiary institutions provide education for the sake of education – we do it for the sake of your career. Our students can tell you what we mean by that.
  • Qualitas also provides business & government consulting and training. This is done at our fully equipped campuses around the country, conference venues, or our clients’ own premises.

The Academy was established in 2007 and has grown to become a national brand.
Within the Career academy are various academic divisions that span educational and employment requirements needs in multiple industries and sectors:

  • Business & Technology Academy
  • Hair Academy
  • Health Academy
  • School of Architecture & Building Construction
  • Wellness Academy

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