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  • Advanced certificate in Foundation Phase teaching
  • Advanced certificate in Intermediate Phase teaching

The Advanced Certificate in Teaching is intended to acknowledge specialised academic or professional studies in education. The Department of Basic Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training realised that many teachers need more subject knowledge or want to change their direction or specialisation and/or teach a new subject or phase. The ACT is a new qualification that can fulfil that role. The ACT is primarily vocationally oriented, and the aim with the qualification is that teachers strengthen their subject knowledge or prepare themselves to teach a new subject. The ACT qualification will be based on the four school phases: Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Phase.  The UODL at the NWU will in 2016 present the Advanced Certificate in Foundation Phase Teaching (ACFPT) and the Advanced Certificate in Intermediate Phase Teaching (ACIPT).

To register for the ACT, a student should have at least one three year teaching qualification carrying 360 credits from an accredited higher education institution.  There is no requirement pertaining to experience.  It is the only qualification that students who have completed the NPDE can enrol for in order to further their studies up to honours or masters level. However, students with a completed ACE, BEd, PGCE or even BEdHons may also enrol, should they want to change their focus or sharpen their skills. It is a one year qualification which is presented over two years via distance education.


SAQA 96436

This programme will equip teachers to teach in grades R, 1, 2, and 3. They do three generic modules (Foundations of Education, Information and Communication Technology and a Practice Teaching component) and six content-based modules which are CAPS based.


SAQA 97199

This programme will equip teachers to teach grades 4, 5 and 6. They do three generic modules (Foundations of Education, Information and Communication Technology,  a Practice Teaching component) and three fundamental modules (two modules in English First Additional Language and one module Elementary Mathematics.) Students select two specializations from Life Skills, Mathematics, Science and Technology and Social Science.

Students pursuing the ACT are expected to complete the module in Work-integrated Learning (WIL). If they are practising teachers, the assessment will take place in their current school, by an approved mentor.  If they are not in a teaching position, they have to spend three weeks at a partner school of the NWU in order to complete the WIL.

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