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About International Relations course

The purpose of this package is to provide qualifiers with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of contemporary world politics and related changes in the international system. This will enable learners, once they are employed in the public or private sector, to respond in an innovative and proactive manner to the problems and challenges of globalisation.

Admission requirement for International Relations course at University of Pretoria

  • The following persons will be considered for admission: a candidate who is in possession of a certificate that is deemed by the University to be equivalent to the required Grade 12 certificate with university endorsement; a candidate who is a graduate from another tertiary institution or has been granted the status of a graduate of such an institution; and a candidate who is a graduate of another faculty at the University of Pretoria.
  • Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS.
  • This programme is only offered in English. Students cannot be admitted to a BCom degree via a BAdmin if they do not comply with the admission requirements for a BCom degree.




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